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ABB Contactors & accessories feed

AF 3-pole contactors
 Secure uptime and optimize stocks with AF latest technology up to 2650A.
Featuring AF technology as standard, AF contactors establish a new industry benchmark. The electronically controlled coil offers multiple benefits over conventional alternatives, and together with ABB's wide product offering, an optimal configuration, every time.
Main benefits
Optimize logistics  and cut administration costs with fewer product variants to handle.
Access global support and use the same products in all parts of the world: the 100 - 250 V, AC/DC coil covers all standard network voltages.
A reduction of the coil's energy consumption by 80% lets you save energy.
Secure your uptime by letting the AF technology overbridge voltage drops and sags.
Main features
Up to 560 kW - 400 V AC-3, 900 hp - 480 V and 2650 A - 690 V AC-1, 2700 A - general use
Only 4 coils cover 24 V - 500 V AC and 20 V - 500 V DC
Screw, spring and ring tongue connection types
Built-in surge suppression
Connection sets and interlock unit for reversing and star-delta starter for an easy, fast and secure assembly of starters
Mirror and mechanically linked contacts.

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Name Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
AF116-30-11-11 Call for Pricing AF116-30-11-11 24-60V 50/60Hz / 20-60V DC Product Details
AF16-30-01-14 Call for Pricing AF16-30-01-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF80-30-11-11 Call for Pricing AF80-30-11-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor Product Details
AF09-30-01-12 Call for Pricing AF09-30-01-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF09-30-10-14 Call for Pricing AF09-30-10-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF190-30-11-13 Call for Pricing AF190-30-11-13 100-250V 50/60Hz / DC Product Details
AF40-30-11-11 Call for Pricing AF40-30-11-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor Product Details
AF140-30-11-12 Call for Pricing AF140-30-11-12 48-130V 50/60Hz / DC Product Details
AF30-30-00-14 Call for Pricing AF30-30-00-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF96-30-11-11 Call for Pricing AF96-30-11-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor Product Details
AF12-30-01-13 Call for Pricing AF12-30-01-13 100-250V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF16-30-10-14 Call for Pricing AF16-30-10-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF65-30-11-11 Call for Pricing AF65-30-11-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor Product Details
AF30-30-00-11 Call for Pricing AF30-30-00-11 24-60 V DC Contactor Product Details
AF146-30-11-13 Call for Pricing AF146-30-11-13 100-250V 50/60Hz / DC Product Details
AF38-30-00-14 Call for Pricing AF38-30-00-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF116-30-11-12 Call for Pricing AF116-30-11-12 48-130V 50/60Hz / DC Product Details
AF16-30-01-11 Call for Pricing AF16-30-01-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor Product Details
AF80-30-11-14 Call for Pricing AF80-30-11-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF09-30-01-14 Call for Pricing AF09-30-01-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF12-30-10-12 Call for Pricing AF12-30-10-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF190-30-11-14 Call for Pricing AF190-30-11-14 250-500V 50/60Hz / DC Product Details
AF52-30-11-11 Call for Pricing AF52-30-11-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor Product Details
AF09-30-10-13 Call for Pricing AF09-30-10-13 100-250 V DC CONTACTOR (NO) Product Details
AF140-30-11-13 Call for Pricing AF140-30-11-13 100-250V 50/60Hz / DC Product Details
AF30-30-00-12 Call for Pricing AF30-30-00-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF96-30-11-12 Call for Pricing AF96-30-11-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF12-30-01-12 Call for Pricing AF12-30-01-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF16-30-10-12 Call for Pricing AF16-30-10-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details
AF65-30-11-12 Call for Pricing AF65-30-11-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Product Details

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Results 1 - 30 of 76